Residential Design Inspiration: Modern Central Fireplaces

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Modern Fireplaces – A Central Focus for Design

For one of our current projects we are designing a modern central fireplace as the focus for the main living area. This idea doesn’t sound atypical for our designs; fireplaces in our homes are almost always a central focus for the living room. However, this one is a little different. We have designed this fireplace as a freestanding element in the center of the open plan, between the living room and dining room. Hence, “modern central fireplace.”

We have gone back and forth with our clients for how this central fireplace should be designed: more or less open, how does it touch the ceiling, what is the material surrounding the fireplace…? Below we are sharing some of the images we’ve used for inspiration along the way. To be honest, we haven’t finalized all of those design answers yet… but we’re looking forward to sharing our design solution with you soon!

The design process is always the best part! Enjoy!


Modern Fireplaces

Glass Farmhouse by Olson Kundig- Central Fireplace

Glass Farmhouse by Olson Kundig; Photography by Tim Bies



Contemporary Home Design - Fireplaces

Modern Fireplace - Design Inspiration

Wohnhaus by K M Architektur; Photography by Sabrina Scheja



Contemporary Fireplace Ideas

Modern Home Design Inspiration - Fireplaces

The HI-MACS House by Karl Dreer and Bembé Dellinger Architects; Photography by Dirk Wilhelmy



Central Fireplace - Brandywine House - Robert M. Gurney Architect

Modern Fireplace Design Inspiration

Modern Fireplaces

Brandywine House by Robert M. Gurney Architect; Photography © Anice Hoachlander



Modern Mountain - Modern Fireplace Inspiration

Modern Mountain by Pearson Design Group; Photography Courtesy of Pearson Design Group



Modern Residences - Fireplace Inspiration

Modern Fireplaces - Residential Architecture Inspiration

Mid-North Residence by Vinci Hamp Architects; Photography by Eric Hausman



Central Fireplace Design - Modern Home Inspiration

Haus S by Gogl Architekten; Photography Courtesy of Gogl Architeckten



Contemporary Fireplaces

Heilbronn House by K M Architektur; Photography by Hagen Stier


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  1. I’m 100% biased – but damn, the Pearson Design Group fireplace looks fantastic.
    For modern residences – Frank Lloyd Wright understood that a fireplace is truly the psychological and spiritual center of a home.
    I loved this post, but I truly would LOVE to see you do several posts just on the evolution of this fireplace!
    From conceptual floor plans, to materiality, to where is wood storage? Plus the proper functioning of smoke shelf, intake air, and drafting (if wood burning vs. gas insert), to choosing hearth slabs, to ultimately fabrication (whether stone masons or metal fabrication.)
    Looking forward to more posts!

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