What to Expect from Your Architect: Project Schedule + How Things Work

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…adding a few more items to the list of What to Expect from Your Architect: Project Schedule + How Things Work 

Our series What to Expect from Your Architect is written to provide insight into the process of working with an architect to design and build your home, so you’ll know what to expect every step of the way. 

We are well on our way into our 018House project and things are getting exciting! We have gotten final approval on Schematic Design from our clients, prepared a project schedule and received notice of approval of our Site Plan from the town a little earlier than expected!

Working with an Architect: What to Expect...

Project Schedule

We often find that Schematic Design takes longer than our clients anticipate. It is during SD that the design for your home is generated so it’s not uncommon for that to be a lengthy process. After all we are designing a home that is customized for you and your family – a little extra time spent on this phase is worth it! Once we complete Schematic Design we are able to provide our clients with a much more detailed and (in most cases) accurate Project Schedule.

Our Project Schedules are simple timelines showing all phases of our architectural services and specific “events” down the side of the page with time across the top. Along with our Project Schedule we send our clients a detailed description of what to expect for each line item. The more information we give our clients up front, the more comfortable they are with the process…having our clients “on the same page” with us throughout the project is critical for a successful project!

As the Schematic Design Phase for the 018House was finalized, we began putting together a detailed schedule for the weeks and months of the remaining phases of the project. The schedule allocates time for each item on the list and uses 3 colors: one color for Studio MM, one for the client, and the third color for outside parties such as ARB (Architectural Review Board) review or Municipal review. It highlights deliverable dates that the client can expect to receive specific materials, and it designates weeks at a time when we will ask the client to look over drawings for approval or select finishes, etc.

What to Expect from your Architect: project Schedule and Design process

For example, we scheduled last week for “Exterior material selections.” We first presented an overview of ideas (see last week’s post) and then met with them to discuss and narrow down their choices.

A detailed Project Schedule helps put the clients’ minds at ease- they know what they can expect during the design process, and when to expect it.

Transitioning From One Phase to the Next

One question that often comes up when we are discussing “how things work” with a potential client is about transitioning from one phase to the next. We ask our clients to sign off on each phase before we move into the next phase. This not only is a great way to keep everyone “on the same page,” but it gives the client an opportunity to make sure they are happy with where the project is at that point and ready to move on.

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