Skylights: Natural Light in the Contemporary Home

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Natural light makes such a difference in a home. A well-designed skylight can be a beautiful way to bring daylight into interior spaces and to add a little WOW to your home! We are currently designing a contemporary home which includes a skylight over the stairs. In our research we came across so many stunning examples of skylights in contemporary architecture that we thought we’d share a few…

Many of the skylights shown below are highlighting design features, defining space or accentuating architectural elements. A simple hallway can become a play of shadow and light with the addition of a skylight.



Skylights: Natural Light in the Contemporary Home - Studio MM
Bridge House by Joeb Moore Partners Architects, image from Contemporist


Skylights: Natural Light in the Contemporary Home
Ainslie House, photo by Benjamin Benschneider for the Seattle Times


Contemporary Home Design: Skylights
Record House Revisited by David Jameson Architect, photo by Paul Warchol, image from archdaily


Skylights: Contemporary Design Features
Torquay House by Wolveridge Architects, photo by Derek Swalwell, image from archdaily


Skylights: Natural Light in the Contemporary HOme
image from Contemporist


Feldman Architecture Ocho House photovoltaic skylight
Had to include this one from Feldman Architecture’s House Ocho. This is a skylight embedded with solar panels!


Skylights: Natural Light in the Contemporary Home
Skylight House in Sydney by Chenhow Little Architects – This image is less of a “skylight” per say but very same concept, and the rest of the house is full of beautiful skylights throughout- see more images on blog.


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