Working with an Architect

5-part series in The Architect's Notebook describing how the process of Working with an Architect actually works...


Part 1: Working with an Architect: How to Get Started?

Is it a good idea to work with an architect when designing your home?
YES! Whether you are redesigning your existing home, renovating your apartment, or building a new home, working with an architect is a VERY GOOD IDEA…

An Architect adds VALUE to your home.
How to Find an Architect?
How to Select an Architect?

Part 2: Working with an Architect: Making Sense of Services and Fees

During the initial meeting with a client we explain our design process and our fee structure. Studio MM is a full service architecture firm, meaning we work with our clients on designing their home from concept through completion. From initial planning and defining the scope of work, we remain closely involved in the project through construction to Final Completion.

What are Basic Architectural Services?
How to Work with an Architect?
How Much Does it Cost to Work with an Architect?
Smaller Project? No Problem.

Part 3: Working with an Architect: The Design Process

Designing your home should be an exciting and fun process. The relationship between an architect and client is the most important part of the design process, and you should focus on finding an architect that you feel you can TRUST.
Architect = Listener
Schematic Design Phase
Architect = Problem Solver

Part 4: Working with an Architect: Design Decisions + Details

At the beginning of the Design Development stage Studio MM provides a checklist of everything that you’ll need to select for your home – a cheat sheet, if you will, of all of the questions for which you’ll need to determine an answer. This makes it very easy and straightforward, and when you get down to deciding on those intimate details for your home, you just might enjoy it!

Design is in the Details
Sustainable Design
Architect = Leader

Part 5: Working with an Architect: Building Your Home

As a residential architect this is absolutely my favorite part of the job…
Designing your home should be a fun + exciting process. Watching it get built is even better!

Making Your Dreams a Reality
The VALUE of Working with an Architect
Construction Document Phase
Construction Administration Phase

Our goal at Studio MM is to find a solution which is not only beyond our clients expectations but also one that will positively influence their everyday lives.

Find out more about Marica McKeel and Studio MM on our Studio page, and more about our Approach to Design on our Design Process page.

Do you have other questions about how this whole process works? Please feel free to email me with any questions or if you would like more information on all things residential architecture: