What We’ve Learned from 2015

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One of my first blog posts of 2015 began with, “I have a secret to tell… I actually enjoy writing these blog posts each week.” And after this year I have to say, what I like even more is knowing that people enjoy READING these blog posts each week! I so very much appreciate all of the likes, loves, follows, shares and emails about each post – YOU make it FUN!

I am going to do a little “looking back” today on last year’s blog posts, but instead of summing up our greatest hits I’m going to mix it up with what we’ve learned about YOU…

What We’ve Learned from 2015:

Architects love Time Lapse Videos!

Lantern House COMPLETE!


Architects love to comment on our “What To Expect..” posts: (Actually, architects also love to share these posts on their own social media pages which we certainly appreciate and encourage! Must mean we’re writing something right!)

What To Expect from Your Architect: Designing within Your Budget

Why I am an architect


Our clients love Modern Residential Architecture Inspiration posts in any form – especially when they include images of amazing pools or glass bathrooms:

Residential Design Inspiration: Modern Pool Canopies…

Modern Pool Canopy, Contemporary outdoor space


Residential Design Inspiration: Modern Master Bathrooms

Modern Bathroom Design Inspiration - 36SML House by Levenbetts


We love learning new things:

Modern Genkan: Residential Design Inspiration

Residential Design Inspiration: Modern Genkan (entryway)


and EVERYONE loves Modern Cabins!

Residential Design Inspiration: Modern Cabins

Modern Cabins: Residential Design Inspiration


Our promise to you for 2016: More of the same – Fun, Facts and Inspiration!


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