Summer Break = Extreme Architecture

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Summer break is like the “extreme sports” of architecture… Let me explain:

I remember when my sister and I were young Summer Break was the best time of the year. Of course it was! We would swim, ride bikes, make forts out of the couch cushions, jump on the trampoline, do arts and crafts with mom… and most days I think we did all of these in the same day! As a kid, Summer Break was exciting. As an architect, Summer Break is almost just as fun now as it was then!

Picture this: A sunny Summer Saturday (4th of July weekend?!): Neighbors, extended family, friends, lots of kids, running, swimming, grilling, dogs chasing kids, kids chasing kids, balls, floaties, popsicles… Sound familiar? Your home is in high gear…Extreme architecture mode.

Summer Break = Extreme Architecture
Note: the “kids chasing kids and dogs chasing kids” part is obviously happening quietly behind the scenes in this image…

As a residential architect, when we are designing your home, we are playing through as many scenarios as we can come up with for all the ways your home needs to function for your family. This is why we ask you questions before we begin, and why we like to have long discussions over “Do you like to entertain? If so, where?” and “Where will your kids play?” and “Tell us about how you spend your holidays…”

Our clients for the Lake Wylie House began their discussion about the design for their home with, “We like to be outside.” The boys love to swim – and so do the parents, actually – so we’ve designed the pool as the center of activity. There’s a covered patio with a built in grill and space for plenty of neighbors. There’s a porch swing on the side for anyone who prefers a break from the chaos. We’ve even got a shallow section of the pool we’ve dubbed “Dog Wading Pool.” We’re ready for anything!

As an architect we get to imagine all the fun you could ever have in your home, and design for it. We are designing for Summer Break: all possible activities, all at once, lots of people, for days at a time… Extreme Architecture. We love it!

Hope you have an extremely FUN Summer Break!


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