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For the purpose of today’s post I will define Modern Studio as a specific space designated for something you love. I’m talking about a space created specifically for writing or painting or yoga practice…. there are so many wonderful reasons to have a Modern Studio.

After thinking about this topic for a minute, I realize that almost all of my clients have some sort of modern studio space on their wishlist for their home. Most often the studio is an integral part of the design, but something that could be saved for a future phase in case it’s not feasible in the original budget. For one of our clients it is the main reason they want to build a new house. And so today, we are celebrating the Modern Studio.

Some modern studios are a totally separate space like the beautifully designed Writer’s Studio by Studio Joseph. Others are semi-attached to the main house like the artists’ space in the Projector House or the side-by-side studios in the Bridge-Studio by HanrahanMeyers Architects. Whatever the design, we love the many Modern Studios we share below as part of our constant search for inspiration. Enjoy!

9 Modern Studios

Library / Studio Space - GLUCK+

Scholar's Library - Studio Space Design Inspiration

Modern Studio Space Design: Scholar's Library by Gluck+

Scholar’s Library by GLUCK+, Photography: Paul Warchol



Modern Homes with Attached Studios

Projector House: Modern Home with Attached Studio

Modern Studio Spaces - Projector House

Projector House by CULTivation D.S, Photography:Carolyn Bates



Garden Office Studio Space

Garden Office with Bike Shed by Green Studios , Photography: Courtesy of Green Studios



Garden Pavilion + Yoga Studio

Modern Design: Yoga Studio

Shadow Shed Garden Pavilion by Neil Dusheiko Architects, Photography: Agnese Sanvito



Modern Studios: Writer's Studio by Studio Joseph

Writer's Studio - Modern Studios

Writer’s Studio by Studio Joseph, Photography: Elliott Kaufman



Modern Studio Spaces

Bridge-Studio - Modern Studio Design

Bridge-Studio by HanrahanMeyers Architects, Photography: Courtesy of HanrahanMeyers Architects



Modern Studio for an Artist

Studio for an Artist by Ashley Cox Architect, Photography: Paul McCredie



Cabin Library - Modern Studio Spaces

Modern Studio + Library

Hemmelig Rom by Studio Padron, Photography: Jason Koxvold



Attached Studio Space by Robert M. Gurney Architect

308 Mulberry by Robert M. Gurney Architect, Photography: Maxwell MacKenzie









    • WOW. I love that one! Great addition Elrond thank you. And while we’re at it let’s add that to MY wishlist for my future Modern Studio! 🙂

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