Residential Design Inspiration: Modern Dormers

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From Modern Farmhouses to Modern Barns, design inspiration for Modern Dormers seems to have come up a lot lately. We have a couple projects on the boards in which we’ve used some of the Modern Dormers images below as idea generators with our clients, and they’ve loved them!

We do have a few clients who prefer a more traditional style home, but also love some of the more modern components such as larger windows, open floor plan, continuity of space…  Taking cues for a project from both modern and traditional architecture is an exciting challenge. And I believe it makes for an even better design!

Below we’re sharing 7 beautiful homes with dormers designed in a creatively modern way. Enjoy!


Contemporary Home Design Ideas - Modern DormersWalnut Tree, House and Terrace by PRO-S, Photography: Jure Živković



Residential Architecture: DormersPorch House by Hufft Projects, Photography: Courtesy of Hufft Projects



Contemporary Design Ideas - Dormers

Modern Homes with DormersMews House 2 Primrose Hill, London NW1 by Robert Dye Architects, Photography: JCT Photography



Residential Design Inspiration: Modern Dormers

Modern DormersHouse Beirings by Rocha Tombal Architects, Photography: Courtesy of Roch Tombal Architects



Modern Home Inspiration: Modern DormersVilla Lima by Johan Sundberg, Photography: Kasper Dudzik




Modern Home Inspiration: DormersVilla-Extension and Metamorphosis Marieke&Rob by Bob Manders Architecture, Photography: Courtesy of Bob Manders Architecture



Modern Dormers - Residential Design InspirationRoprachtice House by Prodesi,Photography: Lina Németh




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  1. I Love these modern barn stle designs. I have and old house with this angeled barn roof and am contemplating on doing this modern style when redoing the wall and roof cladding. I just wonder, how about the rain Collection with these roofs that have no over hang? I dont seem to see any rain Collection Drains on Pictures 1,5. Especially house on Picture 5 there is no visible Collection at the base of the roof or at the base of the wall. surely this very important to not have too much rain collecting in the soil at the base of the house? I coul imaging having the house design of house 5 but would then maybe have a rain Collection trench at the base of the walls. Dont know how I would solve the windos and doors but….

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