Residential Design Inspiration: Modern Bay Window

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Modern Bay Window? Bay Windows have such a historical significance in architecture that it may seem odd to call what you see in the following images a modern “bay window.” And yet, that is exactly what they are. According to google, the definition of “bay window” is a window built to project outward from an outside wall.

We have been talking with a couple clients recently about window seats and modern bay windows and so have been collecting (seemingly) infinite images for inspiration. For one project, having a cozy modern window seat was pretty high on our client’s wishlist so we kept that as a priority through our design process. But as we worked through simplifying the design the perfect space we originally created to nestle the window seat into was gone… This is when we started thinking about a bay window vs a window seat. Spatially quite similar – both can be designed to be beautifully modern and cozy. A modern window seat is visible mainly on the interior while a modern bay window is expressed on both the interior and the exterior… Even more fun for the architect! 🙂

9 Perfectly Modern Bay Windows

Modern Home Ideas - Windows

Linkside Residence by Coupdeville Architects, Photography: Simon Kennedy


Modern Bay Window - Contemporary Designs

Glen Park Residence by Strachan Forgan, Sasaki Associates, Photography: Courtesy of Archinect


Modern Residential Inspiration - Contemporary Bay Windows

Casa Para Dos Artistas by M + N Arquitectos, Photography: Luis Gordoa


Residential Design Inspiration - Modern Bay Windows

Connaught Residence by Naturehumaine, Photography: © Adrien Williams


Contemporary Window Design - Bay Windows

The Dyson Centre for Neonatal Care by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, Photography: Craig Aukland


Modern Bay Windows

skinnySCAR by Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman, Photography: © Vincent van Dordrecht


Modern Home Inspiration - Bay Windows

Daniels Lane Residence by Blaze Makoid, Photography: Marc Bryan Brown




Residential Design - Modern Bay Windows

Mapledene Road by Platform 5 Architects, Photography: Courtesy of Platform 5 Architects


Modern Bay Windows

House for Two Artists by Gort Scott, Photography:Angus Leadley-Brown


  1. Beautiful examples, unfortunately, it’s a vernacular that is in serious need of updating. Putting a hole in your thermal envelope is one thing (windows and doors) and it can be done well with high-performance components. But pushing that hole out beyond the thermal envelope makes it perform even worse for heat loss, energy use, comfort and hygiene. So, looks good, but performs very badly!

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