Q+A with a Small Firm Architect

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What's it like to be an architect?Yesterday I received an email from Bob Borson of Life of an Architect, inviting a group of us to join him in answering a few “commonly asked questions” to architects. Bob asked us all to publish our answers today on our blogs. It will be very interesting to see how various architects interpret and respond to the same questions…

I think this kind of “architecture challenge” will be a lot of fun- hopefully we’ll keep it up in an ongoing blog series of #ArchiTalks: Q+A with Architects:


What kind of projects were you doing when you first started as an architect?

The first architecture firm I worked for did mainly commercial work so I started out working on a church project and a multi-family housing project. When I first started as an architect I thought I wanted to do large public projects, which is funny now since I left the last firm I worked for to start my own residential architecture firm.


How many projects can you expect to be working on at once?

This is a great question for me right now. Currently I am working on 4 projects and I may have found my limit. At least my limit without expanding my firm…


How often did/do you work in a team?

Ever since I started in architecture I have worked in a team. Architecture is collaboration every step of the way.  Even now as a “very small firm” I consider the client, contractor (as often as possible) and consultants as part of the team.


How important is an innovative mind to the company?

Critical. Only way to move forward, and for a small business, the only way to survive. Got to be able to think on your feet. and stand out.


What key things do you look for in potential new hires?

I’ve only recently started considering this…. an extremely motivated and positive person and someone who honestly loves architecture.


How important is diversity in your company? Not very. I hadn’t thought of it.


How big of a role does HR play in your company?

Maybe this is similar to the work/life balance question for an entrepreneur…..still working on that.


Would you say Architecture is a field for everyone?

No. I would say it is a lot of fun and most of us truly LOVE what we do…. but there is a lot of picking yourself (and your ego) up off the floor and a lot of “head down and just keep going” with no end in sight.


What is the best asset in your company? Motivation.


Describe your best employee in one word? Motivated.


What style architecture do you love most? Simple. Modern. Contemporary.


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