Modern Stair Design: Continuous + Crazy Cool

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This week in our office we are working through designs for a new house and trying to have a little fun with the stair… yes, we architects are always having fun with modern stair design, but this time we have a lot of constraints. We have a tight space, we need to go up 3 levels but would like to keep the steps low so it doesn’t feel like you’re hiking up a mountain by the time you reach the top, and we have a tight budget. We also want the stair to feel light and open, and allow natural light down to the first floor from the large windows at the top level.

Modern Stair Design

Our design solution is a continuous folded steel stair that gradually winds it’s way up. While steel and “feel light” might sound like a contradiction, there are interesting ways to make this work… I’ve included a few modern stair design ideas below – some of the inspiration images we’ve been pinning for this project. Sure, open riser stairs – the ones that look like the steps are floating – seem light, but the supports for those stairs are usually quite bulky and seem “heavy”, especially when looking up at them from below. (And, if not bulky, they tend to get much more expensive.)

Hopefully the images we’ve pulled together can give you a better idea of how a folded steel stair design can feel light.  I think it’s going to beautiful!

Continuous Modern Stairs – Design Inspiration

Modern Stair Design - continuous staircaseHome in Milan by Antonino Sciortino, Photography: Courtesy of TRNK


Contemporary Stair Design - Continuous Metal Stairs
Clark, by La ShedPhotography: Maxime Brouillet


Modern Stair Design - metal staircase

Modern Stair - Continuous Metal Stairs
Floating Box House by GLUCK+, Photography: Paul Warchol


Modern Stair Design - Continuous Metal Staircase
Loft in Brooklyn by ASZarchitettiPhotography: Courtesy of CJWHO


Modern Stair Design - Loft
Frejgatan 25 by Andreas Martin-Löf ArkitekterPhotography: Åke E:son Lindman


Modern Continuous Stairs: Contemporary Design Inspiration

Modern Steel Stair : Continuous Stair DesignHeavybit Industries by IwamotoScott ArchitecturePhotography: Bruce Damonte


Modern Residence: Modern Stair Design
700 Palms by Ehrlich Architects, Photography: Erhard Pfeiffer


Modern Stair Design Ideas: Continuous metal stairs
Image from DesiretoInspire “Stalking a Loft”




  1. It’s really interesting to hear and I’m waiting for the results, and I also could try to give you a hand in the design of the folded stairs.

  2. I’m going to follow your design ideas. It’s particularly interesting as here in Baltimore we have many stevedore homes. They’re quite narrow with three stories. Fitting living, dining & kitchen space is quite tricky with the stairs taking up the middle section. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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