Do You Have a Favorite Place?

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What makes a Favorite Place? Is it somewhere in your memory? Or someplace that you go every day? Or is it some space that you dream of having one day?

I have a Favorite Place that I knew growing up: a large, comfortable window seat. When I was little, I would wake up early every morning, sit in the window and pull the window shade behind me and just watch…. I don’t know what or why, but I loved to sit in that window seat and imagine…

One day I would love to have such a wonderful window seat in my home…

Favorite Place: residential architecturePhoto by Paul Massey, found on More wonderful window seat inspiration here.


As a residential architect we have conversations like this all the time. When we begin working with a new client, we as them to answer a list of questions so that we can better understand how their family lives day to day in their home. One that always creates a lot of discussion is “What is your favorite place in your current home?” I live in Manhattan, as do many of my clients, and this question could be a difficult one to answer… Frequently our clients say they do not have a favorite place in their current apartments – the usual excuse is that it is far too small and they’re barely squeezing into it anyway. But most of the time there is no hesitation on the answer.

I think everyone has a favorite place. We’re sharing some inspiration for those spaces with you below…


A Sunny Spot to Sit and Read

A client we recently met with to design his weekend home in Upstate New York told us his favorite place was reading in the sunshine. And yes, as you might have guessed, he lives in an apartment in Manhattan and doesn’t have such a place. We have designed a space off of the master bedroom with a large window that gets plenty of southern sunshine… I hope that will be his new favorite place.

Favorite PlaceWT Architecture, Photo: Matt Laver


A Thoughtfully Organized Kitchen

One client told us that her favorite place was her kitchen. Yes, she loved to cook, but her kitchen was her favorite place because she had everything she needed within reach. She didn’t want a large kitchen in her new home….she wanted a small but well designed and thoughtfully organized kitchen.

What is your favorite place in your home?Found on Dwell. Photo Livia Corona



Cozied Up By a Warm Fire

Another one of our favorites for a “favorite place” is in front of a wood burning fireplace. Considering that we design many weekend homes in the Catskills and the Hudson Valley, we hear that one a lot. And I’d have to say, after my “sitting window” I think a cozy place by the fire might be a close second.

Creek House Creek House by Studio MM, photo by Paul Warchol


What is your Favorite Place?



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  1. I love great windows. I would love to have a desk that faced out a great window to a great view. Windows are always one of the most important elements of a home. Great posts on the little things that make parts of a home favorite.

  2. Oh yes! All three things make a home.. it’s never the size of the kitchen- it’s always the layout, the organization that make it a better place.. a place to read, that’s a luxury everyone should have.. Loved your list 🙂

  3. Nice list. I love the window seat. We have two of the three in our house. We are lacking the well organized kitchen. It is on my list of projects to though. And our window seat gets used for storage right now.

    One of our favorite spaces that did not make your list though is our large front porch.

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