ArchiTalks: House or Home?

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We love this idea of talking about home!  Our core philosophy at Studio MM is “We design homes not just houses.” and we go to great lengths to illustrate “What makes a house a home?” here on our blog.

And so, today’s ArchiTalks topic “House or Home” is one we’re thrilled to talk about. I’m also very much looking forward to reading what my colleagues have to say about House or Home as well.

Today’s post is part of the ArchiTalks series in which a group of us architects write about the same topic on the same day and share each other’s posts. These group posts are a great way to promote our peers and talk about the value of architecture. Be sure to check out what our friends are writing in the links below!

If you’re a frequent reader of The Architect’s Notebook you may remember we touched on this topic just a few weeks ago… Each year as part of an annual Valentine’s Day #LoveHome theme we ask our friends, family and clients to share something they LOVE about their home… This annual #LoveHome post started out with the simple question, What Makes a House a Home?

It is always fun to go back and revisit what home means to so many people!

home live love_w

“What makes a house a HOME are the friends and family that gather there and all the things – the character – that you love about it – the things that make it YOU, the things that make you smile… What I love most about my home is who I share it with.”


Whether it’s remembering old memories or creating new ones in your new home (Lake Wylie House!), each year we look forward to reading – and sharing – all the LOVE!

Design is in the Details : Modern Entryway

(Our Lake Wylie clients standing in front of the beautiful large pivot door their grandfather made for their new home.)


“Just like people, homes would be so boring if they were all alike. A home reflects personality….
from eclectic to simple…there are all kinds!”

What Makes a House a Home?



House or Home? For Valentine’s Day 2014 we asked our friends and fans to share stories and photos of what they LOVE about HOME…
The storyboards below are a beautiful illustration of the life and love that makes a house a home! We truly can’t say it better in our own words!

What do you LOVE about your HOME? - The #architecture of #home

Please share your stories of home with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear more!


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  1. My home is where my people are, but my home is also where the sun shines through, and it’s inviting.. Loved reading the pictorial blog MM – have missed the last couple of blogs. Lot to catch up 🙂

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