East River Waterfront Redevelopment Project | New York, NY

    project description

    East River Waterfront Redevelopment Project
    Multi-family Housing/ Urban Development
    Downtown Waterfront, New York, NY
    Housing Studio, Parsons School of Design, 2005

    Rebuilding the East River waterfront is a large part of New York City’s ambitious new efforts designed to attract more New Yorkers to lower Manhattan. This urban housing proposal illustrates two overall design concepts: engaging the city and extending the landscape. Extension of the landscape is accomplished not only by literally cantilevering residential units out over the East River, but also through programmatically expanding the cultural and recreational fabric of the city. The project engages the city through physically allowing the river to penetrate into historical shipping slips along the edge of lower Manhattan, expanding the promenade along the waterfront to encourage pedestrian activity and communal development.