Time Lapse Video: Foundation for the New Year

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Happy New Year!

With today being the first day of a brand new year, I too have been reflecting on the past year and thinking about goals for the future. Studio MM had a pretty amazing 2014; we accomplished a great deal for our clients and our business. And we’re super excited about the new year ahead!

I’ve been writing recently about one of our homes currently under construction in Upstate New York, and this week I put together a time lapse video showing the last few weeks of construction. It seems a perfect metaphor for how I’m feeling about the start of 2015: Plans in order, poured the foundation… Now let’s go!

Time Lapse Lantern House December 2014 from Studio MM on Vimeo.

Wishing you concrete foundations and exciting new projects for 2015!



  1. Excellent!
    (Although they obscure some of the construction details) I especially like the dancing tree shadows.
    Thanks for producing and sharing this video, Marica.

    • Collier – Thank you! I know what you mean about the shadows obscuring the construction – I was almost disappointed but the sun and shadows were just too amazing to be upset about it…. I’m hoping that once the house gets out of the ground (and the guys stop running around IN the ground) it might be easier to see things happening.

  2. Fantastic! I can’t wait to see the next phase added on!
    I too loved the dancing tree shadows!
    Do you have a camera set up permanently to take photos at specified times?

    • Thanks Rachel!! I can’t wait either because things are moving quickly out there (as you saw- haha!)
      I do have a camera set up…its somewhat permanent but I have to scurry up and down to download the images and make sure the batteries are still charged. Its a great camera and I’m very happy with it but its not overly high tech (or expensive) so manual labor still required. 🙂

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