Gardiner Farmhouse | Gardiner, NY

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    Gardiner Farmhouse
    Private Residence
    Gardiner, NY
    Schematic Design


    Designed for a couple that is keeping their growing family in mind as they look to the future, this project takes the shape of a traditionally comfortable and cozy farmhouse while incorporating a contemporary floor plan. Since our clients recently welcomed a new baby to their life and are already dreaming of the days when children and grandchildren come back to visit, the project is very focused on family and time spent together.
    True to its name, the Gardiner Farmhouse is located on an expansive old farm site, with two barn structures already existing on the property. Designed for clients that love spending time outside, much of the house focuses outward. A generous wraparound porch, a living room that opens up to the outdoors and a screened-in porch all allow the family to take advantage of the expansive Shawanagunk mountain views and fresh Hudson Valley air year-round.