FLY | Hudson Valley, NY

    project description                

    Private Residence
    Hudson Valley, NY
    Construction Documents Phase


    Perched along a quiet mountain road in the Hudson Valley, this one-bedroom home and aerial studio signifies a fresh focus and new beginning for 2 city-dwellers moving to the country. Early in the design process our clients excitedly informed us they had come up with the name for their home: FLY. Combined with our clients’ active lifestyle, the name truly brought the design to life. Like that of an acrobat on a trapeze, the form of the house suggests both balance and weightlessness.
    Urbanites at heart, our clients welcomed the idea of the 3rd floor living level which allows views just above the tree-tops of Mount Beacon and Scofield Ridge in the distance. An open-air staircase wraps around the base of the house to bring the visitor to the upper floors. Diagrammatically and functionally the studio is the heart of this home. The 28′ tall open studio space begins at the 2nd floor, continues through the 3rd floor living level and ultimately offers access to the 4th floor roof deck. This elevated perch provides the perfect platform for morning meditations or watching the sun set over the mountains.