Farm Bed & Breakfast | High Falls, NY

    project description                

    Woodstock Farm Sanctuary B&B
    Private Bed and Breakfast
    2 Rescue Road, High Falls, NY
    Design Development


    Our design for the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Bed and Breakfast focuses on crafting a new space that gives guests an opportunity to connect with the sanctuary animals and their surroundings in a deeper and more meaningful way. The B&B will serve not only as a place of overnight lodging, but as a space that brings together mountain views, farm life, and social activism to better educate visitors and support the sanctuary’s operations. Inspired by hilltop views of the Shawanagunks and the traditional farm and barn structures dotting the site and New York’s Hudson Valley, the Farm BnB strikes the perfect balance between recognizable forms and clean, elegant lines.
    Rooted in its relationship to the rest of the farm, the BnB is oriented around a vegan kitchen, features a communal dining and living space that extends into the deck above the goat pasture, and provides modern dormer spaces that serve as balconies for each guest bedroom. Built from natural materials, calibrated to surrounding views, and respectful of the existing house and farm, the B&B will be a structure that engages with its natural environment and encourages guests to reflect on their relationships with all living beings.