Channelside Lofts | Tampa, FL

    project description

    Channelside Lofts
    Private Multi-family Loft Residences
    Architect of Record: RBK Architects
    Tampa, FL
    Completed 2004
    28 units

    As one of the first projects developed to bring residents into the Central Business District in Tampa, the design for the Channelside 212 Loft project was based on an intensified suburban model adapted to fit within the urban context of the city. The loft project, originally constructed within a working industrial neighborhood, was designed from the inside out; the layering of space from public to private progresses outward from an internal entry courtyard which was created by slicing through the center of the existing rigid warehouse. The application of wood within the newly carved space contrasts the surrounding neighborhood, marking the transition from the industrial outside to the intimate interiors of the lofts. The development consists of 28 residential units varying in size and scale, each floor plan centered around a double height living area. Elevations reveal the variations of privacy on the interior: double height windows open into the communal courtyard while more intimate balconies are carved into the exterior shell of the warehouse.