Love Home – What Makes It Home?

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What Makes a House a Home?

The people you share it with, the memories made there, the favorite things that hold your stories… I would bet if you look around your home your gaze wouldn’t get 90 degrees before you spot something that makes you smile…something with a fun memory attached. In my definition, this is What Makes It Home.

In a recent article on DesignSponge, A Dance Between Objects in LA, my friend Brook gives the reader a tour of her apartment and life through the objects in her home. “The thing I love about my home is that every object in it tells a story or is connected to a person, place, or experience that is important to me..”

To make a house a home, Brook believes that the objects in it must be a direct reflection of personal experiences, interests, and important relationships. “In a way, they should be a visual timeline of your life… and if you don’t have a ton of space, then you have to be pretty selective about which points on the timeline to display.” To Brook, developing her home felt like “a dance between objects that were meaningful because they were given to me by people who I care about — objects that hold memories — and objects that I chose.”
– from DesignSponge, photography by Jared Richard


 “The Marantz stereo system was “a steal of a deal” on eBay, while the record player was a gift from an old friend. The golden good luck cat arrived on Brook’s doorstep one year on her birthday, having traveled all the way from a friend in Hong Kong to wish her good luck in the new year, one of the most favorite gifts she has ever received.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just in time for all the love talk around Valentine’s Day each year we ask friends and fans to share things they love about their home. For our first #lovehome Valentine’s post a couple of years ago, one of my friends sent in a photo of her very young son sitting on the floor – both son and floor around him covered in various colors of paint. She mentioned something about loving durable wood floors that stand up to all sorts of crazy activity… I had so much fun with that first post I decided we would continue this every year for Valentine’s Day…



“We love that our home has plenty of room for our pup to lounge around! However, we are so looking forward to the lawn that will be next to the amazing home you design us!” 


MK scrabble

“While a small New York apartment, my roommates and I managed to find space for a giant homemade scrabble board in our living room. Be it a game that stretches on for days between roommates or a chaotic round after a dinner party, it brings us together and has become the focal point of the space.”



“What I love most about our home are the windows – the light coming in even on a dreary, grey day and the ever changing views. Also – I love how small and unassuming it looks from the road – until you come inside and are hit by the view, airy-ness and feeling of space.”



“My favorite thing about home is….waking up to the view from my bedroom. The view changes with the seasons but always gives me the feeling of being immersed within the surrounding woods.”


From Rusty

“What do I love about my home? This fireplace and hearth….”



“Favorite part about this lazy Saturday is this cozy handmade blanket from a friend..”



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