Lantern House Construction Update: Concrete Foundation

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As a residential architect, the construction phase of each project is my favorite. Yes, of course, I love the design phase, but watching our clients’ homes literally take shape is one of the most exciting parts of my job.

We recently began construction on the Lantern House, a modern “cabin in the woods” in New York’s Hudson Valley. I’m very happy to share this first project update: Pouring the Concrete Foundation. Well…pouring concrete CAN be exciting knowing what’s to come. We will continue to update you as the project progresses, so check back for more fun photos soon!

Construction Update: Pouring the Concrete Foundation

Modern Residential Project Update: pouring foundations
The footings, which you see in the bottom left of the above photo, were poured a couple weeks ago, and at this time we are pouring concrete for the foundation walls. (I say “we” because we have a good team on this project, but obviously I am not doing any of the actual construction.)

Lantern House Project Update: Pouring Foundations
The mason inserts anchor bolts into the concrete foundation walls after the concrete has been poured. Anchor bolts “anchor” the wood framing (walls) to the foundation.


Residential Architecture project update: Foundation walls
THIS is one of the column footings that caused us a bit of stress one day…  This footing is a big deal. It supports the ridge beam of the roof at the corner of the house with 16′ of glass on either side. There is a lot of weight that bears down on this corner. …so it requires a lot of attention and precision.

Modern Residential Architecture: Pouring Foundation Walls

Construction Project Update: Modern Residential Architecture

Modern Home: Construction Update: Pouring Foundations

Modern Residential Construction: Pouring Foundations
The plywood square is a placeholder for a future steel base plate and column. There are 3 corner columns in this house. Precision now ensures that all 3 line up later.


The photo below shows the inside of the corner of the house, which is another big deal, and therefore requires the same amount of attention.

Lantern House Construction Update: Pouring Foundations

Modern Residential Construction: Concrete Foundation Walls

As I mentioned, there is a third corner column, but I’ll save that one – and all of its responsibilities – for a future update.


The site photo below shows most of the footprint of the Lantern House (with the concrete truck sitting in the courtyard).  From this perspective the corners mentioned above line up with the view of the Shawangunk Mountains to the Southwest, which you can see in the distance.

Residential Construction: Concrete Foundation

Please visit our Lantern House page for more images of the design. Foundation walls will be completed this week and a lot more activity needs to happen before we can pour the concrete floor slab… next update coming soon!




  1. Love Your Houses and Work….and I…too Love the Design Phase…and the Construction Phase, as you say watching the Home or Building #TAKE SHAPE B4 YOUR EYES! I would luv to see the Renderings of this House alongside the Progress Photos or perched somewhere…so *We the Viewers have more in our heads to go by as we watch the reallive Scale Grow and Take Shape…if that’s possible..
    I also Love to work with Concrete, more specifically *Scoria or Lava Concrete…see and the Cvach House… if you get any clients in AZ or NM…please let us know, and I’ll get you in touch with the SolarLava or Scoria Design Build Teams…if you like…thanks…bobby vey

    • Thanks Bobby! Good thought on the renderings alongside the progress photos… as we move into more details I think that’s something I will try to do.
      I’d love to design a home one day in AZ or NM- seamless inside-outside space out there right?! I hear there are no bugs! 🙂
      Thanks again for the comment!

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