Inspiration – Beyond Architecture, Part 2

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We wrote a post earlier this year titled Inspiration – Beyond Architecture and it was such a hit I thought we’d try for Part 2. To be honest I had no idea a post in The Architect’s Notebook with photos of freshly baked bread and Great Danes would invite so many comments and likes, but, then again, I’m certainly inspired by a lot more than just architecture. Obviously you all are too!

Inspiration Beyond Architecture, Part 2

Looking back on my instagram account, this year has been even more fun than I remembered! From a quick trip to Spain, to a jazz night out in NYC, to meeting with furry new clients… the past few months have been full of inspiration. Here are a few of my favorite moments:


Inspiration beyond architecture: Studio MM Architect

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working on a project @woodstocksanctuary with these cuties! …
#haveimentionedilovemyjob #hudsonvalley #modernarchitecture



Inspiration beyond Architecture

Masterpiece. #gaudi



Inspiration beyond Architecture - Fun too

…because this is what you do on a photo shoot w @feinknopf and @blackbettyphotography
#architecturalphotography #LakeWylieHouse



Inspiration beyond Architecture

Super inspiring keynote from Amy Cuddy yesterday #A17Con – another amazing Architecture weekend!
Great to see so many friends and familiar faces!



Modern Residential Architecture - Inspiration Beyond

New project in the works… Our challenge is to create a house as cool as it’s name!



Inspiration Beyond Architecture

#sunset : Charleston Harbor



Architect as Ninja

This. Made for me from one of my clients… nuff said. 🖤🖤🖤
#architect #ninja #haveimentionedilovemyjob



Inspiration Beyond Architecture

Happy International Women’s Day!
#icandoanything #iwd2017#internationalwomensday



Inspiration beyond architecture - NYC

A New York moment…
Jazz at Lincoln Center overlooking Central Park. #nyc



Inspiration beyond architecture

RUN (dinner at the Whitney Museum of American Art)




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