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In lieu of a typical post today (How did it get to be Thursday already?!) I wanted to share some recent “everyday” inspiration with you… Once in a while we do get inspired by things beyond architecture! Sure, some of it is #fromourdesks but some definitely not. Lately we’ve been property hunting in the Hudson Valley with clients, talkin’ shop in the studio, learning how to make bread… Our inspiration comes from many many places.

I’ve included the instagram caption below each image to give you a little insight into that day’s inspiration…

What inspires you?

Snowy walk with a friend - Inspiration

Morning walk.


Foodie - Modern Inspiration - Studio MM

When your mother-in-law sends a box of oranges and grapefruits for Valentine’s Day, lunch gets to look like this!
#spoiled #foodie


Talkin shop - Studio Inspiration

Talkin shop.


Hudson Valley Views - Inspiration

Upstate hike today… feels like Spring is around the corner!
#hudsonvalley#nofilter #bluesky


Our Inspiration - CLient Meeting at Studio MM

“We couldn’t be happier!” Love it when a meeting goes well!


Looking for Land with Clients - Inspiration

Scouting land with some new 4-legged friends.
#haveimentionedilovemyjob #whatanarchitectdoes #greatdane


Designing for a Designer - Inspiration

House for a landscape designer: #chaletperche was designed around an entry garden and one specific oak tree on the property. Our client asked for a copy of the site plan so she could plan out landscaping… upper gardens, terrace, future lower gardens – all on axis with the oak tree. I love seeing the life come into this house as we move through design.


Everyday Inspiration - Studio MM

Not a bad first attempt…
#homemade #bread #foodie


TinkerBox - Modern Home Inspiration

Lookin good in the #snow Tink!
#modernarchitecture #upstateny


Hudson Valley Views - Inspiration

Can you imagine waking up to this view everyday?


Modern Inspiration - everyday life

I remember loving a Keith Haring exhibit I went to with my grandmother when I was little. She was such an amazing inspiration for me – this exhibit at the Whitney was a fun reminder.
#modernart #keithharing


Inspiration - Modern Architecture

Somehow my “job” never gets old…
#hudsonvalley #sitevisit #modernarchitecture



  1. i have seen pics of beautiful views.I really dip in these scenes and like these very much.These are actually inspire me,these are fabulous and mind belowing.

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