Home Design Inspiration: Contemporary Pool Ideas

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Warm weather and the first week of June means It’s officially Summer!
Everyone seems to be outdoors, in flip-flops, and barbecuing in the backyard…. Let the pool parties begin!

Today’s post introduces some cool, contemporary pool design ideas just in time for Summer! Reflecting pools, refracting pools, infinity pools, indoor-outdoor pools…these images should get you inspired for whatever pool you can imagine! …or at least ready for a swim!

Happy Summer!


Neutra Singleton House - Modern Pool Ideas
Singleton House by Neutra - Modern Pool Inspiration
Richard Neutra’s Singleton House, photography by Todd Eberle, + more info here.


Contemporary Pool Design - Sagaponac House 43
Sagaponac House 43, architect: Hariri and Hariri, photography by Paul Warchol


Wissioming Residence - Contemporary Pool Design Inspiration
Wissioming Residence, Maryland by Robert Gurney Architect, photos by Maxwell Mackenzie


Modern Pool Design - indor-outdoor pool
Casa en la Planicie by Doblado Arquitectos, photography by Juan Solano


Modern Pool Design - Home Design Inspiration
Mirindaba House by Marcio Kogan, photography by Nelson Kon


Rem Koolhaas, Villa Dall'ava - Contemporary Pool Design
Villa Dall’ava by Rem Koolhaas/ OMA


Contemporary Pool Design - Green lantern House
Green Lantern House by John Grable Architects, photo from John Grable


Contemporary Pool Design Inspiration
Image via Lucia Soibel


Contemporary Pool Design Inspiration - Stelle Architects
Stelle Architects, Bay Residence - Contemporary Pool Design Ideas
Bay Residence by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects, photo by Jeff Heatley


Modern Indoor Pool - SHH West London House
Modern Indoor Pool Design - Home Design Inspiration
Luxury West London House by SHH, images by Gareth Gardner and Alastair Lever


Contemporary Pool Ideas - Shaw House by Patkau Architects
Shaw House by Patkau Architects, photos by Paul Warchol and Undine Prohl, Benjamin Benschneider.