Design is in the Details: Modern Handrail Details

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Modern Home Design: Handrail Details

A previous Design is in the Details post noted “Modern Residential Architecture is often defined as minimal or simplified…” 

While that is generally true, in researching today’s post I came across a write-up on Life of an Architect in which Bob Borson more accurately suggests “…it’s rather nice sometimes to simply let something be only what it needs to be.” And in his post, aptly titled Modern Handrail Detail, he illustrates beautifully that it takes an incredible amount of behind-the-scenes creativity and detailing to design that level of simplicity!

The 8 handrails included below are elegant examples: Design is in the Details.

Design is in the Details: Modern Handrail Details
Manhattan Triplex, 1100 Architects, photography by Peter Aaron / OTTO


Modern Handrail Details
Casa Das Mudas, Paolo David, photo by FG+SG Fernando Guerra via Archdaily


Design is in the Details: Modern Handrail Details
Modern Handrail Detail, post by Bob Borson on Life of an Architect


Modern Handrail Details: Design is in the Details
Hudson Valley Home, Toshiko Mori via Architectural Digest, Photography by William Waldron


Design is in the Details: Modern Handrail Details
Lichtenstein Studio and Residence, 1100 Architects, photos by Michael Moran/OTTO
“Molded to fit the fingers and palm of the hand, the new handrails are cast in tinted concrete with a fine texture.”


Design is in the Details: Modern Handrails
Larkin Street Residence, John Maniscalco Architecture


Modern Handrail Design
White Street Residence, Pulltab Design, Photos by Mikiko Kikuyama



Modern Handrail Design Details
posted on Pinterest via Dexter Robinson


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