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Architects love to show off their glossy photos…. I too start my website with a large, beautiful image showing off a past residential project of which I am very proud. The photograph is one of my favorites. I know people get excited about it when they see it.

Creek House

Creek House by Studio MM

Architecture in the Real World is about a lot more than that photograph. There is a lot of “behind the scenes” work and a lot of love that goes into it. But I think the photo represents more than just a project…. For many of my clients that photo represents a dream.

I had one of the best meetings I’ve ever had just a couple weeks ago. All in all the project will probably take a total of 3 hours of my time, but the reward is already worth far more than that.

The heartfelt email request I received from the client told me this was going to be a special project from the start. It was from a woman who wanted to do a small renovation to her family’s home. But the email also began to tell the story of what home meant to her… She explained in our conversation that the house first belonged to her grandparents – they built the home in 1954 when they moved to the neighborhood – and her family had lived there ever since. She grew up in this home and it was clear that altering the house from its original design was a decision they did not consider lightly. Though minor, changing their home from “the way it had always been” was a big deal.

This, to me, is the “real world of architecture.” Architects bring value, experience and knowledge. I was honored to meet with her family, and excited to discuss ways “to bring the family more together” with this change in their home. She tells a far better story about her family and their history than I (and I’m hopeful that she will share it with us here on the blog one day) but the important part for me was that they put their trust in me with something that is so very special to them.

Architecture is not about a glossy photo. It’s about heart and passion and making a difference in people’s lives.


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  1. I am so ripping off your last comment. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and sharing the same sentiment about what architecture really is. People light up when we talk about architecture that way. They’ve rarely connected an inanimate ‘thing’ with something important and special. When they see the connection, they’ll come running.

  2. So very true. I often feel it means more for residential clients, but I think every end user of a new building want architecture to be something they enjoy inhabiting. Even if for just an hour or for every day of their lives.

  3. “Architecture is not about a glossy photo. It’s about heart and passion and making a difference in people’s lives.” MM, that’s the line you should think of copyrighting 😉 Explains architecture in real world so beautifully. I want to read more about your client.. that sounds like a very fulfilling project..

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